At St Hilda’s East, we have recently launched a Local Support Hub in partnership with Tower Hamlets Homes, to support residents across the borough who are shielding and self-isolating due to the COVID-19 crisis. We are so grateful for all the hard work that has been done by our team and volunteers. Below is a short interview we conducted with Carlos, a local volunteer who has helped us by delivering over 60 meals in the last 3 weeks!

  • What were your motivations behind volunteering at this moment in time?
    All the incredible frontline staff battling coronavirus, particularly in the NHS and Care Homes, have inspired me to volunteer. The unusual situation of lockdown has definitely made me appreciate ‘key workers’ and also the importance of looking out for each other especially those who are vulnerable and don’t have family and friends to help.    
  • In your own words, what would you say this voluntary role involves?
    Beyond just delivering the food and supplies to those in need, an important aspect of the role involves meeting and getting to know the clients especially if they are feeling lonely or depressed. It’s a pleasure to chat to them because generally people are remaining upbeat and positive. So approaching anyone I met with an upbeat and friendly attitude is key   
  • What attracted you to this organization in particular?
    I love how St Hilda’s is all about bringing people together no matter your age or backgrounds – for me, this is the very essence of great community
  • How would you describe your experience thus far?
    It’s been a very rewarding experience, giving up just a small amount of time makes a difference. That’s a great feeling.
  • Why do you think this work is so important?
    The work is important because community support and projects help in so many different ways – connection and friendship, education and development, fun and wellbeing.   
  • If you could share a story/anecdote about a positive experience and interaction you had whilst volunteering.
    I met a really nice chap (Mr King I think his name was, guy from the photo) who explained that he’s been in isolation for some time. Unfortunately, he was housebound for some time before lockdown due to a back injury. He is in the vulnerable group category so now has to isolate because of lockdown. But despite this he remains upbeat and using his time to paint. Inspiring guy!
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