Sonali Gardens Day Centre is at St. Hilda’s East’s second site in Shadwell. Sonali is Bengali for ‘golden’. It offers person-centred care and support throughout the week for Bangladeshi and other communities from the Tower Hamlets area.

The Day Centre is run with a team of bilingual Bengali-speaking staff, purpose-built prayer rooms and other bespoke facilities, and has been identified as a model for national good practice in culturally-sensitive service delivery for older people. Door-to-door accessible minibus transport enables less mobile users to access a range of on-site services, from exercises to chiropody, as well as off-site opportunities such as weekly shopping trips.

Sonali Gardens Day Centre works closely with LinkAge Plus to enable cross-project work in bringing together older people from different sections of the community.

“My time here passes so quickly. At home, hours pass like days but here, the day passes in minutes!”

“I feel I am not too old to learn new things. I feel alive!”

“I am happy here, talking to people I can socialise and be in touch.”

Contact Sonali Gardens Day Centre

Sonali Gardens Day Centre
79 Tarling Street
E1 0AT

020 7265 9211