The Women’s Group provides local self-identifying women with a variety of activities and development opportunities, in a culturally sensitive and safe space. 

Our project aims to engage with and support BAME women in our locality and encourage participation in project activities. The broader outcome of this is that we facilitate and enable overcoming social exclusion and isolation, while encouraging inclusion and building a better, stronger community where women are free to develop, flourish and realise their own potential.

Our Women’s Group has grown substantially over the last year. The women engage in a number of internally and externally led workshops and activities each week, which aim to increase their confidence, reduce isolation, and improve their overall wellbeing. From an attendee-led aromatherapy workshop to a Tower Hamlet’s Talking Therapies directed ‘Self-Care and Mental Health’ session, the women benefit from an opportunity to take time to focus on themselves, get creative, learn new skills and create friendships.  

Day trips to the theatre and places such as Kew Gardens happen regularly. The Group also plays an active role in whole Community Centre events, such as the annual International Women’s Day celebration.  

Mind Tower Hamlets support us annually to deliver sessions that include yoga classes, arts and crafts workshops and wellbeing focused activities including Talking Therapies. Mind also fund Creative Space (a weekly session that focuses on creative activities – open to all) and Cooking Club (a cooking class where developing better skills in the kitchen and making food with friends are the focus). 

If you are interested in joining the Women’s Group, give us a call on 020 7739 8066, or email [email protected] 


What people say about the Women’s Group: 

“The women’s project has really helped me progress. When I joined, I was shy and didn’t want to speak to anyone. I started volunteering and ran a cooking session for local women – it was so scary! When I started giving out samples of my food, I was amazed that they wanted more and liked the taste so much – it did wonders for my confidence!” 

“I continue to attend the sessions because of everything we do, and it represents! I particularly appreciate the chance to try new things and have conversations with other mothers. I like the fact it is what it is – it is a safe, welcoming environment.”