St. Hilda’s East works with a wide range of large and small companies who understand the benefit of charitable contribution and voluntary action for employers, employees and the community as a whole. Projects funded at St Hilda’s East have practical outcomes for our service users and with continuous support, will be sustainable long term.

Why Volunteer for us?

Volunteering improves morale, increases staff retention and helps employees to develop new skills, confidence and enthusiasm in a creative environment which can be transferred to the workplace.

We believe that partnerships should always be of mutual benefit, and for this reason we offer packages of services that we have the skills to provide in conjunction with a financial contribution.

There are opportunities to help out at community events involving our young people’s and over-50’s projects, including International Women’s Day and Black History Month celebrations. To get involved, please get in touch with at least 2 months’ notice so that we can match you up with the most suitable activity. For more short notice requests, we can typically accommodate no more than a handful of people.

We we would also be thrilled to have you join us on our sponsored events, including the London Legal Walk taking place in June each year, or take part in your own sponsored events on our behalf.

If your corporate social responsibility team would like to support St. Hilda’s East, please contact us on 020 7739 8066 or [email protected].

Project Sponsorship and Donation

Work with you to create a tailor made mutually beneficial sponsorship package or bespoke funding proposal to meet with your CRS policy, PR and cause related marketing objectives.

This includes supporting our projects for younger and older people, children and families, women and our Food Co-op. As well as project sponsorship, we can explore publication and event sponsorship and product placement opportunities.

Employee Fundraising

We will support and help guide your employees through any individual or group fundraising initiatives such as quiz nights, auctions or sporting events ,as well as explore with you matched funding, payroll giving and charity of the year options. You can also choose us a s your charity of the year and match fund your employee fundraising.

Volunteering and Bespoke Pro-bono Mentoring

Offering individual and group volunteering and skills transfer opportunities for a range of our diverse services supporting all ages and backgrounds. This could range from volunteering on one of our projects, or helping with painting, decorating, gardening or even marketing and fundraising.

Gifts in Kind

We would value Christmas gifts for our service users, raffle and auction prizes for fundraising or donations of equipment we may need.

London Legal Walk

St Hilda’s East proudly take part in this year’s London Legal Walk, an event through which we are able to raise funds to support our free legal advice service. We thank all the companies who walked for us and raised money and to those who simply donated.